Two cultures that are committed to the same project

Lilian Ole Pere, the wife of the Maasai leader in Kenya, is responsible for supervising the production of all the women who work with Pikolinos leather. She trains, advises, and guides hundreds of women throughout the Maasai Mara.

In Spain, Leonor Villalba uses her closing machine to stitch each piece of leather as she gives shape to the final product, inspects the quality of every stitch, and admires the dedication of every piece that has been sent from the Maasai Mara.

A single project connects these two women who live in two different realities, and it is only logical for them to meet and share their work, visions, and experiences.

Leonor traveled to Kenya, nervous but excited to get to know her faraway colleagues who work in the immense savanna, accompanied by the tinkling sound of decorations that create the background music for every stitch.

There, surrounded by the purest nature, she coexisted with a culture that is very different from her own. She traded the closing machines for the precision of her fingers, and she swapped the sound of machinery for the songs of the Maasai people. She brought these experiences back with her to Spain, where she was eager to welcome Lilian into her home and show her how the Maasai creations become sandals.

For the first time in her life, Lilian left the Mara. She boarded a plane that would fly her to Spain, accompanied by a combination of fear, emotion, and excitement, as well as a strong desire to learn and to discover new places.

At the Pikolinos Production Center, she paid close attention to every step of the manufacturing process, participated in the quality controls, and was taken aback by the computer systems used in Western industries.

She returned to the Mara with this knowledge in order to share first-hand how the most delicate and special collection of Pikolinos sandals is created.

The connection of two worlds and the combination of two cultures into a single project is apparent in the gazes of these two women who represent an entire team and allow Pikolinos to feel proud of a project that crosses borders.