Made in Kenia and Spain

Far away, in the Maasai Mara, women can once again be seen stitching under an acacia. Taking advantage of the shade and with the only goal of building a future for their families, hundreds of Maasai women from Kenya and Tanzania hand stitch the leather used in the Pikolinos Spring-Summer collection.

They are the people behind the Maasai Project, which has planted hope and harvested progress in the heart of Africa.

A story behind every shoe

Each sandal includes the story of a Maasai woman, her family, her challenges, and her determination to get ahead.

Hundreds of women participate in this project that provides them with a stable income. The work allows them to maintain their culture and lifestyle, and the wages earned make it possible for their families to buy basic commodities such as education, food, and medicine.

On the Mara, there are no clocks, no rush, no being late. On the Mara, the Maasai get up at the break of dawn and enjoy nature with respect and joy.