Another world is possible

An important aspect of this project is the role of ADCAM (Association for Development, Alternative Commerce, and Micro Credits). Its two leaders, Rosa Escandell and William Kikanae, are the individuals who have made this initiative possible and who have spent more than 15 years working on the project’s viability and operations. They remain committed to the economic sustainability of the Maasai community and to preserving its culture and lifestyle.

Pikolinos is one of the most important Spanish footwear brands on an international level. It is present in more than 60 countries and it has always focused on cooperation and fair trade projects involving underprivileged nations.

Our shoes are defined by the comfort, color, and quality of the leather they are made of, and they convey the warmth of handcrafted products. These values are perfectly connected with developing a special line together with the Maasai tribe. Colorful embroidery that is hand-stitched in Kenya is then used to create sandals that are made with love in Spain.


The seventh collection of Maasai-design sandals marks another step in the Pikolinos vision of Corporate Social Responsibility.